There's something about successful people that sets them apart the rest. You can just look at them and can tell something is different about the way they carry themselves. Here's the good news: Successful people aren't that different from you. There are simply behaviors successful people have mastered that make it easier for them to get ahead-- you can master them too.

1. Successful people are active, engaged, and busy.

Instead of sitting on the couch, occupying themselves with computer games or browsing aimlessly on the internet, successful people are always increasing their knowledge base, networking, or working on their latest project. Sure, they might not see the new hottest movie of the season until it's almost time for it to leave theaters, but they have an impressive resume, the credentials necessary to improve themselves, and successfully completed projects.

2. Successful people ask questions.

If they don't know how to accomplish something, they figure it out. Taking a class? The successful people in the room are the ones who are asking questions of the teacher, discussing the content of the class with their classmates, and exploring beyond just what was discussed in the lesson. Working on a project? Successful people are the ones who don't just take the current research as gospel: They go further, making sure that they have all the information to proceed in the best way possible.

3. Successful people don't give up.

This is the crucial area that separates successful people from those who will never accomplish their dreams: They keep trying. No matter how many times they fail, no matter how many rejections they receive, they pick themselves up and try again. It's not the easy road; but sometimes, the difference between success and failure is simply persistence.

4. Successful people don't procrastinate.

Putting off a project until the last minute is easy. Digging in and working on it until it's done is harder--but it's more rewarding in the long run. Having that project done also opens doors to new opportunities, and that's where successful people thrive. Successful people also see the project through, finishing what they've started instead of dabbling with something for a while before they move on to the next thing that catches their attention.

Being successful isn't impossible. It just means training yourself to behave as though you are already there. Define your goals, and then dig in and work for them. You might be surprised by just how well it works out.