Personal mission statements are an important component of leadership and personal development. They force you to think deeply about your life, clarify its purpose, and identify what is truly important to you. Personal mission statements also force you to clarify and express as briefly as possible your deepest values and aspirations. It imprints your values and purposes in your mind so they become a part of you. Integration of your personal mission statement into your weekly planning is also a way to keep your vision constantly in front of you. 

How can you create your personal mission statement and why is it important?: 

Identify Some Past Successes. These successes can be personal or professional. Identifying a common theme is beneficial because it helps you identify what is important to you. 

Identify Your Core Values. Development of this list should outline a list of attributes that you believe best identifies who you are as well as your priorities. Once you have completed this step, identify which value is most important to you. Some may like to narrow the list down to a few values before choosing just one. 

Identify Your Contributions. Make a list of the ways you feel you could make a difference. How do you believe you can contribute to the world? Your family? Your employer? Your community? Your friends? Seeing your contributions detailed can help you best understand in what ways you would like to make a difference. 

Identify Your Goals. Consider your priorities in life and the goals you have for yourself. Listing your personal short-term and long-term goals are valuable in this step. 

Write Your Personal Mission Statement. This should now be easily completed based on the outcome of the first four steps. 

Why is it important? 

1. It integrates who you are. 

2. Provides focus. 

3. Simplifies any decision-making processes. 

4.Holds you accountable for your decisions and actions. 

Writing a personal mission statement is an act of self-discovery that can help us uncover things that we previously may not have otherwise known. Personal mission statements allow us to get to know ourselves better and discover our sense of purpose in life. 

Get started on yours this weekend.