I was working with an entrepreneur the other day on his marketing plan. He pulled out his folder with his new website and mock up of his social media pages. I could tell he was very proud of the work because he had a big smile on his face. So I was delicate when I asked how much he paid for the design work? He proudly said that his 14 year old son had been the designer and that he loved the work. He was delighted he had saved thousands of dollars. All it had cost him was some movie tickets. Needless to say he wasn't happy when I told him that he would be foolish to use what his son had created. That in the long run it would cost him more than the thousands that he thought he was saving if he used the designs and the images.

Your brain has hundreds of millions of neurons and two optic nerves connected to your eyes, all of which are responsible for visual processing. When everything works together properly, humans are very visual beings. For that reason, as a business you must take into consideration your images that you use in you social media and in all of your marketing. If your imagery isn't appealing it will cost you business.

Remember these 7 design tips for enhancing your social media images:

1. Color is key

90% of snap judgments regarding products and services are based on color alone. So, when you want to create urgency use red; optimism, yellow; wealth and relaxation, green; trust, blue; romance, pink; power, black; and calmness, purple.

2. Balance is key

This means making sure your images are symmetrical, asymmetrical, and radial (coming from a common center). Creating such images requires playing around with size, colors (darkness, lightness, warmness, coolness), texture, quantity, isolation of certain items, and orientation (vertical, horizontal, diagonal).

3.Contrast color and shape

Contrasting colors, shapes, and sizes are just as important as balance. They're what makes some people say an image "really popped." This image provides such differentiation between elements making some stand out better than others.

4. Pay attention to the lines

Lines are your image's visual elements, guiding your viewer's eye (straight lines imply order; curved and crooked lines imply movement) through the visual journey you're taking them on. This is why your images should stop at the most important and intentional elements along the way.

5. The font does matter

Typography is the art of choosing the perfect font(s) to bring your image to life. Traditionally this meant using serif font for print and sans-serif for websites. However, with so many fonts to choose from today, this is no longer the case. Instead, now you should focus on readability, making sure you only use three fonts at most and that their size fits well with your publishing medium. Based on your typography you can have people zoom into or out of the concept you're presenting. Scale is defined as "the deliberate sizing of various elements within your design" and help bring your image to life.

Consider these things the next time you're creating images for your social media post and for marketing. Hire a professional if you don't have an eye for this kind of thing. Its that important. There is an art to capturing people's eye.