Having a bad day? Don't worry; it happens to everyone. Of course, when it happens to you, the fact that everybody has a miserable day now and then is of little if any comfort. What if I told you a few easy tricks that might actually help to improve your mood? Read on to discover five fast ways to pull yourself out of a funk.

1. Move around

Walk a dog, take a swim, go roller skating, or turn on the radio and dance. Even a little bit of exercise can go a very long way toward elevating your mood and lifting your spirits. In case you're wondering, there is real science to back up this mood-boosting technique. When we exercise, it causes the body to release "happy" brain chemicals dopamine and serotonin. If you have time to spare, enjoy a thirty-minute workout. It will boost the chemicals mentioned above, along with a healthful dose of mood-improving endorphins.

2. Eat chocolate

Really. Unless you are diabetic or have another medical reason for not doing so, nibbling a square of Godiva or noshing a handful of Hershey's Kisses will give your brain a boost of mood-enhancing chemicals that can send your funky mood packing. Scientists call these chemicals polyphenols. You can just smile, take another bite, and call them delicious.

3. Pet a pet

The kind and simple act of stroking a cat or dog can work wonders to banish the blues. Studies show that pet owners tend to lead more active, happier lives. Don't rush to the pet store, though. You can achieve the same positive effects by spending a few minutes with a friend or neighbor's kitty or pooch.

4. Let the sun shine in

Get outside and get some sunshine on your skin. Sunlight helps the body create vitamin D and can keep the blues at bay. If you can't get outside, at least sit near a window to reap the benefits of a day at the beach without the sand in your shoes.

5. Smile anyway

My favorite is to look in a mirror and make a funny face at yourself. Stick out your tongue, wiggle your ears, do whatever it takes to turn your funky grimace into a silly grin. Do it again, and you might even make yourself laugh. 

Just about everyone finds themselves in a funk now and then. It's happens to everyone. Try these five simple tricks in any order you prefer. Chances are, you'll feel a whole lot better in no time flat.

Its time to go look at myself in the mirror and make myself laugh.