How do you feel at the end of your day? Are you stressed? Or can you relax and leave the world behind for a few hours? A few changes to your routine before bedtime can not only help you feel positive, they can help get tomorrow off to a great start.

Theresa Glomb, a work and organizations professor at the University of Minnesota's Carlson School of Management, explains, "Good things are about three to five times more frequent than bad things at work, but bad events have about five to 10 times the impact as good things."

Here's how to end every day on a positive note:

1. Find something in your day to be grateful for

Did you get a new client? Enjoy lunch with co-workers? Receive a compliment on your presentation? Don't let an unpleasant incident determine your mood after you leave the office. Jot down a few things in your daily planner that made you happy or that went well. Write just one positive thing on a slip of paper and put it in a jar...then review them at the end of the month or year. Or, put a dollar in that jar as you recall what you're grateful for that day--and buy yourself a treat when you reach $100!

2. Take a break from social media

It's fun to catch up with friends on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest. It can also be stressful, and actually lead to discontent if you start comparing your life to others' or spend too much time browsing on the internet versus engaging in face-to-face interactions. Do a quick check, but don't spend your entire evening online.

3. Find time for exercise

Contrary to the belief that evening exercise can interfere with sleep, a 2013 study shows that exercise anytime has benefits. Even a walk before or after dinner can lift your mood and relieve tension. If you're able to get outside in fresh air, all the better.

4. Read something inspirational

A good way to end each day is to find something that will remind you how fortunate you are, as well as inspire you to continue to do great work. What you choose is entirely personal. It could be a book of daily affirmations, a biography of your personal hero, a religious or spiritual book, or Shakespeare's sonnets. Whatever your meaningful choice, give yourself the gift of a few minutes to read and reflect before turning out the light.

5. Keep a balanced perspective

No matter how hard you work, there are never enough hours in the day. Some tasks will be carried over until tomorrow. Instead, strive for balance between your work and your personal life. Remember how important each is to you. You need both!

Remember, don't let an event or someone else take charge of how you feel.

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