You've heard it before: The money is in the list. While that may be an oversimplification, there is some truth to that. When people come to your site, or make a purchase from your business, it's important to capture email information so that you can build a relationship with that person. Whether it's to follow up after a purchase or to entice a lead into becoming a customer, your list is something that should never be an afterthought.

Here are five strategies to implement right now to start building a massive email list:

1. The Opt-In Form

Keep your opt-in form simple and easy to use. Don't ask for a bunch of unnecessary information. The more time it takes to fill out the form, the less likely people are to do it. If you can get away with it just ask for an email address.

2. Add More Opt-ins

Don't limit yourself to the home page on your website. Add an opt-in to your about page, to your Facebook page and to your blog commenting form. There are many opportunities to capture emails, take advantage of them all. In fact I would say add them on every page.

3. Add Incentives To Encourage Readers To Subscribe

Sometimes, people need a little nudge to opt-in to your list. This is where a free download or other bonus can tip the scale. People are becoming more hesitant to part with their email addresses. Inboxes are more cluttered than ever, so offering them an incentive to sign up is a way to add value.

4. Split Test Your Call to Action

If you aren't getting many sign ups on your website, consider doing some testing to see whether your call to action is part of the problem. Look at the competition to see what messages they use on social media to drive traffic and engagement. Are you highlighting what makes you different and better? Are you giving people a reason to buy from you? A reason why they should look at your content and want to pay attention to you? You should always pay attention to your messaging.

5. Run Contests on Social Media

Contests are a great way to grow your list. They increase overall engagement and are easy to set up. Make them relevant, fun, simple and make sure to engage with the customers during your contest. Use video and photos of participants and winners to make the contest visual.

Once you have people signed up, keep them on your list by offering amazing content, and consider segmenting your list so that your subscribers are getting relevant content. A key thing to keep in mind is don't fill their inbox everyday. Limit your email marketing to a couple of times a month with relevant and helpful information.Your email list is an ever-evolving thing, not a set it and forget it proposition. You'll need to tweak your strategy periodically to keep things growing.