How many times have you ignored that little voice that said stop don't do that? After ignoring that voice several times in my business I've learned to listen. There are many reasons why it's a good idea to listen to your gut but the number one reason is it can help you make better decisions.  

Let's look at five ways how listening to your gut can help you make better decisions.

1. Not all the facts

Your gut allows you to make decisions when you don't have all the facts. You can do your research and testing, but in many instances, you ultimately have to make decisions with limited information. For example, if you're releasing a revolutionary new product or a service in a brand new industry, you may not have sufficient data to do extensive market research. You may have to rely on your gut instead. 

2. Quick decisions

Your gut helps you make spur of the moment decisions. Founders don't always have the luxury of having the time to crunch numbers and conduct studies. When it's essential to make a split-second decision, you have to rely on your gut. 

3. Trust

In business, relationships are your most powerful currency. You can only learn so much by studying people's resumes and past histories. When it comes to trusting people, your intuition is your most powerful ally. 

4. Evidence and intuition

Trusting your gut doesn't mean ignoring evidence. Logic and intuition aren't necessarily opposed to one another. For best results, use them as complementary tools. Gather as much information as you can, strategize and listen to your gut. 

5. Ideas and solutions

Trusting your gut helps you come up with original ideas and solutions. Some of your best ideas come from listening to your own inner voice. It's hard to have original ideas if  you rely only on data, past results and the opinions of others.

Don't ignore that little voice...its often giving great advice.