Who wants to be a millionaire? A popular game show has asked its audience that question for years. Truthfully, the vast majority of the population would jump at the opportunity to join the elite ranks of the millionaires in this country. So what’s stopping them? Let’s face it: Most millionaires don’t become that way by chance; instead, their success is constructed through careful design. In fact, there are several things millionaires do that most people don’t. Let’s consider five ways most millionaires are alike.

1. They commit to goals.

Daydreaming about goals is one thing; committing to achieving them is quite another. Millionaires are very purposeful about their goal-setting. They don’t wait until they have a neat course of action planned before committing to what they want to achieve. Instead, they commit to their goals--however lofty they might initially seem--and then challenge themselves to find ways to reach them.

2. They self-analyze.

Millionaires are acutely aware of their own strengths and shortcomings. They are able to analyze themselves objectively to determine what habits they have that are productive and work in their favor. Alternatively, they’re also able to recognize--and rid themselves of--habits that are holding them back.

3. They ask for help.

Millionaires are rarely loners; instead, they recognize the value of networking and connecting with other like-minded people. No one achieves high levels of success without help. Millionaires are aware of the value that a strong team brings to the table; with the right people on their side, talent is multiplied, not divided.

4. They build on their strengths.

While millionaires are typically masters at self-analysis and know their own weaknesses, they make the conscious choice not to focus on their shortcomings. Instead, they focus on their unique strengths--those talents that set them apart and allow them to excel. Then, they focus on delegating areas of weakness to capable team members.

5. They share their knowledge.

If you think self-made millionaires want to keep their success-building secrets to themselves, you better think again. The majority of highly successful entrepreneurs are willing to divulge tips, tricks, and encouragement to those looking to build their brands as they long as they demonstrate the passion and commitment it takes to succeed.

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