Why do some people seem to be naturally successful? It’s not that they don’t experience setbacks, but when they do, they seem to recover easily. What’s their secret?

Successful people actually develop behaviors that keep them focused and working on the right goals . Because of the way they respond to situations–the same kind we all encounter–they are able to adapt and continue to move forward.

Let’s look at six behaviors of successful people:

  1. They are always learning. With technology and trends constantly changing, new skills and perspectives are necessary. Successful entrepreneurs never say, “That’s the way we’ve always done it.” Instead, they seek ways to do things in new and better ways–and acquire the knowledge to make it happen.
  2. They establish clear goals. Numerous academic studies have shown that people achieve more when given specific goals, rather than being encouraged to “do your best.” People become motivated when they know exactly what is expected...and therefore, achieve more.
  3. They manage their time well. Time management is a challenge for everyone, but entrepreneurs must become especially adept at making the most of their hours. Successful people are efficient. They prioritize their days; delegate whenever possible; limit time on nonessential tasks; and honor their schedules.
  4. They have positive attitudes. It’s not that successful people expect every day to be totally happy. It’s that they approach challenges with confidence and the expectation that most things can be worked out. Even a failure can provide lessons and wisdom that will be useful in the future.
  5. They create a supportive network. Trusted friends and colleagues are part of every successful person’s life. From lifelong childhood friends to a group of fellow inventors, people who can respectfully provide feedback and fresh perspectives–or just listen–help keep drama and worry to a minimum. Their network also includes people who are simply enjoyable to be around, for lunch or fishing or a drink after work.
  6. They take calculated risks. Not “go-for-broke” rogues, successful people know they must take chances in order to stay ahead of the competition. However, they perform analysis; consider the scenarios; and calculate the possible losses before they act. Risk is necessary, but not foolish. And if they make a mistake? They dust themselves off and start anew.

It’s exciting to be an entrepreneur! By watching others, learning from them, and then adding your own unique experiences to your strategy, you are on your way to becoming someone else’s mentor and example.

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