Success-minded entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders practice great work habits every day. Successful people do not leave things to chance. They work on goals and focus on productivity.  When it comes to getting ahead, try asking yourself 7 simple questions successful people ask themselves every day. 

1. Do I have a great work attitude?

By asking yourself about your attitude, you focus on thoughts that influence your behavior. If you don't go into the day positive it will show and your work will suffer. When negative thinking clouds your judgment, take a minute to switch the script. If you find your patience with people is non existent then its time to make some changes. 

2. Am I taking control of situations?

While not everything is within your control, there are many things you do control everyday. Ask yourself if you are letting others take control of situations or if you are confident about your decisions. If you feel like don't control your day figure out ways to get back some of that control. 

3.How have I prepared?

Once you think about how you prepared for meetings, business calls or other events in your day, you will feel more inclined to track progress. After preparing, make sure to follow-up with clients as well as reflect on what you could do to improve. Write notes about meeting outcomes and follow-up required. 

4. What can I do to be on time?

If you are late to an appointment because of traffic, make sure you have the contact information you need to contact clients or business partners. Keep your smart phone charged. Set alarms and check to see how long it will take to get to different appointments.

5. Will I work a full day? Am I happy? 

If you feel tempted to call it a day early, consider whether you  are adding work to your day tomorrow. Why is it you want to put off work today? This often means you are burned out and not happy. The question is what can you do to get re-energized? What can you do to get your focus back? 

6. Can I recognize opportunities?

If you fail to see opportunities throughout the day, you will likely lose money. Some people make the mistake of ignoring the people around them who could benefit from their goods or services. Recognize the opportunities all around you.

What do you do to get ready for your day?Do you questions yourself and your preparation?