Basketball great Bill Russell once said, "Concentration and mental toughness are the margins of victory," and he's pretty on point with that. Those who succeed in life maintain focus on where they're going and more importantly a positive attitude when negative things happen. Having the ability to overcome difficult circumstances without losing faith, worth, and confidence in yourself is difficult even for the best of us.

Following these tips will help you take on the world whether the times are blissfully bright or despairingly dark.

1. Let things go

In life, there are many things we have no control over. Change is inevitable. Accept that if things go wrong, there's a reason behind it and figure our how to move forward. If you hold on to the past, you'll miss out on what's to come.

2. Live in the moment

It's okay to think about old times, but don't get lost in the past. How can you enjoy the present if your head is elsewhere? The past may have been great but you don't live there anymore; its purpose was to make you who you are now. Today is important and today you'll never get back once it's gone, so make it count.

3. Be a realistic optimist

Practicing realistic optimism means you won't let a problem, challenge, or issue consume you. Instead, you come up with a game plan to turn it around and find a solution. With situations you can't control, you don't see it as wasted time, you know there was a lesson behind it and you've walked away stronger than before.

4. Pursue your goals

If you're not chasing after your deepest desires, you're always going to feel a sense that something in your life is missing. Know must know what you want in life, and outline the necessary steps to get there. Any amount of time spent on achieving your goals brings you closer to fulfilling them.

5. Don't be resentful

Mentally tough people are not easily affected by jealousy, envy, or resent others and this is because they are aware no one else's success alters theirs. Just because someone you know is reaching accomplishments and receiving acknowledgement does not mean you are less successful. It doesn't mean you're any less of a person.

6. Don't let others unhappiness in your life

The biggest component to inner strength is having self-love. Once you know your worth, you know yourself, and you are happy with everything you are no one can bring you down. It's a great day when you decide that no one not to let someone else's unhappiness bring you down. It's even better day when you shut those kind of people out of your life completely. In the end, it's not their opinion of you that matters, it's yours.

Simply put, by obtaining a positive outlook on life, you are creating a stronger version of yourself.

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Published on: Oct 13, 2015
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