Perhaps you've heard it many times -- people have told you that you'd be an amazing small-business owner, or that you should quit your day job to launch your own business. Maybe you've always felt fidgety where you are, or you've wondered if you were destined for something bigger, but the anxiety and reality of what it means to be an entrepreneur always stood in your way. How are you supposed to know?

Here are six ways to know you'll succeed as an entrepreneur. How many apply to you?

1.You feel comfortable in the unknown.

In business, there are countless ways for things to change. An office space falls through. A new design doesn't work like it should. A loan that you expected to be offered does not come through. You have to be willing to roll with the punches, and say, "I've got this -- bring it!"

2. You know exactly how much money you have.

Whether it's in your checking account, your brokerage account, your 401(k), or the cup holder in your car -- you know what's there. People who launch their own business don't just have savvy business skills, they have savvy money skills. This means being comfortable with the money you have, and knowing how to manage it.

3. You have exceptionally good organizational skills.

While a little chaos never hurt anyone, having poor management and organizational skills in business -- especially when you're the boss -- can spell trouble. Having complete control over your schedule, your personnel, and the flow of your projects (both on and offline) is a huge benefit to running your own business.

4. You could talk about yourself all day.

Whether you have that innate ability to strike up a conversation with a stranger in a bar over any topic, or to be put center-stage at the last minute to pitch your business, you feel comfortable gushing about you.

5. You are competitive by nature.

Maybe it was in sports as a kid or you have siblings that you always competed with -- you like the competitive nature of business. You like being at the front of the pack (maybe even more when there's someone hot on your heels, pushing you to better yourself). And you know that nothing ever feels as good as beating your own personal best.

6. You know how to listen.

The cockiest, most self-righteous entrepreneurs in the world won't get far if they don't know how to pay attention to their most trusted friends and advisers. Whether its a mentor in your field or even a family member whose advise you trust above all other's, you know how to take the back seat to someone else's wisdom and listen to what they have to say. You don't necessarily have to take their advice -- but taking the time to hear them out speaks volumes to the kind of person who you are, and to the kind of boss you will be.

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