You're graduating soon or have already walked across the stage, and you're thinking you'd like to travel but aren't sure how to justify taking time out of your job search to bounce around the world? All I can say is you have the rest of your life to work. I went overseas as a junior in high school, and that led to me spending the better part of my adult life living and working in 8 different countries. The bottom line is travel can change and enrich your life and now is the perfect time to do it.

Here are seven great reasons to travel before you settle down to that new career.

1. You'll never be this free again. Once you start earning a regular income next comes a car and a house, eventually a spouse and kids. Right after graduation, you aren't tied down with many obligations so take advantage of this opportunity while you have it.

2. According to StudentUniverse some of the best travel discounts are for those aged 18-25. Search for travel discounts for students. (Even if you aren't a student anymore).

3. Because school was never really the real world, this is your opportunity to see the world and learn lessons you couldn't while in school. When you're traveling, you not only learn about other cultures you get to work on becoming truly self-sufficient. Trying to navigate the streets of Moscow or Turkey are a challenge when you don't know the language, but you will learn many things about yourself that are important to know.

4. According to teenVogue traveling may help you find a job. Knowing that you've had a variety of experiences that aren't solely related to getting good grades and making the honor roll will make you more attractive to employers. I always look for travel abroad in hiring. It tells me that the person is curious about the world and is open to new ways of thinking. Those are the qualities most employers want.

5. You'll never be this young again. It's a lot less taxing at this age to sleep on a wafer thin air mattress, or go without sleep, to try foods you aren't used to, and numerous other situations related to travel than it will be when you're older.

6. It's a great opportunity to grow your network. Imagine meeting and interacting with people who are far beyond your campus coffee shop or gym. The experience is once in a lifetime and can lead to opportunities you never thought imaginable.

7. What a great chance to learn a foreign language. Your employer will be impressed, and as Global Experiences which places college graduates in international internships points out, it can improve your memory and make your brain healthier.

If you've always dreamed of traveling between graduation and your new career, there are obviously numerous reasons to do so that will benefit not only your future career but your overall view of the world. So buy your ticket that job or an even better one will be there when you get back.