Do you know how much more you could accomplish with increased self-discipline? This is one of the most important virtues to have for success in any field. Unfortunately for most people, it is one of the hardest to develop. There are, however, seven ways to improve this essential characteristic.

Let's look at each one together.

1. They Work Inside Their Passion
When you are doing something you love, discipline comes naturally. The only time you have to make yourself stay disciplined is when you don't enjoy what you're doing. The successful people I have met and interviewed say that they never put off the stuff that is hard or not fun. They power through those tasks to accomplish all that they want in life.

2. They Remove Distractions
Phones, emails, and browsers can sabotage productivity. Don't fight the distractions. Eliminate them. Set times to make calls, answer personal emails, or check social media. You can't check Facebook 70 times a day and expect to get anything done.

3. They Reward Progress
Take breaks. Eat snacks. Go for 10 min. walks. Do something every 2 hours or so to refresh and to reward your progress.

4. They do the Hardest Thing First
We usually procrastinate on the one thing that will give us the biggest return on results. It's usually the one thing you do not want to do. Do it first and the rest of your day will feel much lighter.

5.They Make Decisions
Self-discipline comes down to a choice. At every moment, you decide if you do what you need to do or just do what you want to do. To be successful you have to learn to analyze information available then make a decision. Your ability to make decisions large and small can not be understated.

6. They Work Within Their Biological Clock
Don't fight your natural routine. If you're best in the morning, work then. If you do better later in the day, start later. Do what fits your internal schedule to optimize your results.

7. They Know it Takes Action
This is sometimes the only way to be self-disciplined. You've just got to do it. Forget the thoughts. Ignore the feelings. Don't worry about how. Just do what you've got to do. Sometimes you just have to try, fail, and try again until you figure it out.

Self-discipline is not easy for most of us. It is a skill. You can develop it and grow in this area of your life. It takes constant work and focus to get better.

By implementing these seven tips, you will be well on your way to progress and success.