Branding is essential to any business. To really make branding work, though, it's important that your employees internalize the message. Here are 7 ways to make your employees your greatest brand advocates:

1.Treat them well.

 It may seem unrelated, but employees who are happy working at your company are more likely to promote your brand. Whether it's by offering great benefits, being understanding, or even something as simple as bringing them donuts once a week, treating your employees well is important in managing your brand.

2. Reward them.

By offering referral bonuses or similar incentives, you're giving your employees a reason to share information about your brand and advocate for your brand.

3. Engage them. 

Employees who are actively engaged in your brand will be excited about the company's growth and development, and that will show in the way they discuss your company and promote your brand.

4. Make them a part of it. 

Especially for up-and-coming companies, giving your employees a say in the direction of your brand will invest them in the brand identity. They are more likely to advocate for your brand because they've got a stake in the brand as well.

5. Listen to them. 

Even if you've already got an established brand, listening to your employees' ideas for improvement or promotion strengthens their loyalty to your brand.

6. Give them the reins every once in a while. 

By allowing your employees to take control of your branding, even if only for a single project, you're giving them the opportunity to learn more about your brand and even make it stronger.

7. Be true to your brand. 

It's hard for an employee to advocate for a brand if what they see in day-to-day operations is contradictory. Remember that your brand is essential in defining who you are as a business, and stay true to it in everything you do.

If you do these things your team will not only be happier on the job they will become your best brand advocates.