Raising kids is tough. Parents second guess every decision, compare themselves to others and struggle to maintain a united front. We want our children to be safe, happy and healthy; their time used to develop nascent talent and build confidence and character. Unfortunately, over structuring kids’ time and hovering can result in young adults who are insecure and have trouble making decisions.

So what’s a parent to do? Here are 8 powerful ways to mold your children into leaders.

1. Back off. No hovering. Let your kids figure out who they are and how to manage in the world. Be there to give advice, dry tears and encourage. They will learn to be comfortable in a lead role if they got their under their own steam.

2. Listen to them. And teach them to listen to others. One of the most important traits a leader must have is the ability to listen to those she leads.

3. Teach them to take responsibility for their actions. Leaders don’t place blame. Leaders don’t point fingers.

4. Teach them to give credit when due. Like taking responsibility, giving credit is a must for a good leader. Acknowledging everyone’s contributions will endear your child to his team.

5. Teach them to be kind. Kindness goes a long way when building a diverse group of people into a team. People respond to kindness.

6. Teach them to serve others. Volunteerism is a powerful lesson. Compassion and empathy, like kindness, will draw people to your child.

7. Teach them how to make tough decisions. If we take the weight of a tough decision from our children they will never learn to bear it.

8. Let them fail. If you never let your kid fall down he will never learn how to get back up. We grow faster from failure than success. It’s hard to watch, but your child will be a stronger adult for it.

These tips aren’t guaranteed to turn your kid into the President of the United States but they will enable them to grow into a strong leader that people are willing to follow.

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