It's management 101 but as entrepreneurs and managers we often forget to reward people for a job well done. Even if you are just starting out or if your business can't afford to give costly raises, bonuses or extravagant gifts. Let's take a look at some ways you can show your employees that you care.

Show Appreciation

You can reward your employees by simply showing your appreciation for them and all they do.

1. Paid time off

Give your hard working employee an unexpected paid day off work.

2. Parking space

If you are able, allocate parking spots to those who deserve a reward.

3. Personal note

Leave a handwritten note on your employee's desk telling them what a good job they have been doing and how much you appreciate it.

Rewards for everyone in the office can include:

4. Fun time and team building

Take a few hours a week and allot them to having fun. Playing games can be a great stress reliever in addition to being a rewarding break.

5. Food

Bring donuts or a more healthy alternative to the office, buy pizza for lunch, or maybe stock the kitchen once a week with snacks for everyone. Use office time whenever possible. Some employees don't want to use their time off to celebrate their business successes.


One way to reward your employees is by recognizing them. Some ways to do this are:

6. Write up

Acknowledge employees who have done exemplary work by writing up a small article about them in the company newsletter, blog or on social media.

7. Employee of the month

Put an employee of the month policy in place. You can reward someone once a month with a particular parking place or putting their picture on the wall.

8. Simple gifts

The key to rewarding someone with a gift is knowing them well enough to present them with something that is meaningful. Giving a gift that shows you have paid attention to your employee is often more impressive than something that costs a lot of money.

With these ideas, you can see it's possible to reward employees without breaking the bank. The reward and the payoff make it worth every penny that you spend building morale.

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