I had a really crazy and out of control day yesterday. For someone who likes control and to follow my plan these type of days drive me crazy. How many of us can report having days like these? The universe tells us that this is our reality, and nothing we do can prevent these kinds of days from happening. At home, at work, at play-- when the universe decides to make the day go crazy, it does not discriminate, so don't stress yourself out agonizing over it.

Whether your day has been inexplicably crazy, or magically wonderful--either way--before going to sleep, try doing something good for yourself by ending your day on a positive note! Ending the day this way helps to restore our bodies, renew our minds, and mentally prepare us for the next day. But in some cases, building a habit that forces us to commit to taking time for ourselves can sometimes be more challenging than we think.

  1. Exercise--A great way to relieve tension and stress is to increase your endorphins by taking a walk around the neighborhood, or attending an aerobics class at the gym, or maybe even playing a game of racquetball. Any form of physical activity will help calm the body down and help you sleep better through the night.
  2. Meditate--Enjoy some quiet time before sleep with an hour of meditation. Meditation is very calming for the spirit. It decreases muscle tension, eases stress and anxiety, helps with focus and concentration, and is an extremely relaxing way to end your day.
  3. Read a good book - Remember that book you've wanted to read for the last few months? Now is an excellent time to make that happen. Pour your favorite beverage, cuddle up in your favorite chair, sit back, relax, and dive in!
  4. Take a long, hot steamy bubble bath--There's nothing more relaxing than soaking in a tub full of frantic bubbles with your most cherished oils and potions poured in. Step it up a notch by adding your favorite scented candle, and playing your favorite music in the background. And afterwards, rest assured you will sleep peacefully through the night and be well rested in the morning!
  5. Meet up with your friends for a late dinner--Spending time with friends is always nice, and it's a terrific way to do something great for yourself before calling it a night. It is a known fact that laughter is sensational for the soul, and is the perfect way to relieve stress. So eat, drink, and laugh loudly!
  6. Take up a hobby--Painting, building, golfing, gardening, sewing, and learning to play the piano are examples of positive ways to escape the pandemonium of the day. It's been proven that these activities can help reduce fatigue and help lower your blood pressure. So find something that you enjoy doing and get started doing it!
  7. Listen to some music--Music is a fantastic way to de-stress, and one of the best ways to release your emotions. It is actually therapy for your soul, and can provide lots of enjoyment and relaxation; not to mention, it's a very calming and soothing way to fall asleep. So tuck yourself in and let the music play!
  8. Watch a good movie--You can never go wrong with watching a movie! Your favorite romantic comedy, your best detective story, or your favorite family story is an excellent way to settle down before calling it a night. You might fall asleep while watching it...and if you do, it just means that you're totally relaxed and no longer stressed--which in turn means you're headed for a brighter tomorrow!

There's a plethora of things you can do to unwind and de-stress but these are just a few suggestions on ways we know will definitely show you how to end every day on a positive note.

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Published on: Apr 10, 2015
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