Success is not a coincidence. It is achieved on purpose.

The difference between what makes some people successful and others not successful is that the highly accomplished have learned to do what the majority of people do not.

Let's look at the 8 top things they do that set them apart from all the rest.

1. They Live Life on Purpose

Defining your purpose specifies what it is you are want to accomplish. Successful people know their purpose and why it's important to them. This goal drives them and keeps them focused and disciplined.

2. They Prioritize

By defining their purpose, they know what to do. But prioritizing defines how they will reach the ultimate goal by breaking it down into smaller actions needed to achieve the goal. They understand what is important to work on and what is not.

3. They Plan

They don't just wake up and do what they feel. They decide in advance what must be done then they execute the plan. Successful people focus and don't get distracted. The keep a calendar. They make list. They are stingy with their time.

4. They Protect

Rather than allowing distractions to sidetrack them, the 1% has boundaries - both for themselves and what they allow to divert their attention. They strictly enforce those boundaries to stay on the plan.

5. They Push

99% of people will procrastinate and put things off that aren't fun. The 1% understand that achieving a goal means working beyond a feeling or through things you don't enjoy. It requires pushing through some things that aren't necessarily fun but are necessary to achieve the desired goal.

6. They Receive Feedback

Growing is part of the 1%'s mentality. And one great way to grow is from what others tell us. Other people can see in us what we don't see in ourselves. The 1% know how to receive constructive feedback from those around them.

7. They Learn
The successful read and learn everything they can. The average CEO reads over 50 books a year. They need and seek information that will help them grow.

8. They Take Action

Knowing what to do is easy. A lot of people know what to do. It is the process of actually doing it, however, that sets the 1% apart from the rest of the crowd. The focus and work harder than anyone else to achieve what they want. They take daily small actions with the big picture in mind.

Being a part of the top 1% isn't a matter of luck. It is all about decisions, incredible focus, and discipline.