'Tis the season to be jolly, or maybe not. You've managed to buy amazing gifts for everyone on your list. You sit back, take a deep breath, revel in your victory, and realize that you have one more person on the list; the entrepreneur in your life or my case my business partner.

After frantically searching local and online stores for the "perfect" gift, you find yourself contemplating buying a briefcase and calling it a day; however, you just can't stand the thought of admitting defeat and buying something so boring and uninspired.

You don't have to admit defeat. Here are 10 gifts for the entrepreneur that has everything.

1. Phone Charging Wallet or Purse

A phone charging wallet or purse is a practical and stylish solution that will ensure that an entrepreneur never misses an important call or text. A high-quality wallet or purse will cost you $50 or more.

2. USB Flash Drive Cufflinks or Jewelry

These items were made for James Bond wannabes or busy entrepreneurs who are always digging around their briefcases for a flash drive. Cleverly concealed in cufflinks for men or pendants for women, these combine form and function in a unique and surprising package for $30 or less.

3. Business Software

If you talk to entrepreneurs, you will find that they have a business software wish list. They could be eyeing the latest accounting software, CSR platform, wishing that they had a premium subscription for cloud productivity software, wanting to develop a mobile app, or maybe they are hoping to bring in more email subscribers. Whatever the case may be, they may not be able to afford an annual subscription for the product or service they are secretly coveting. Pricing on software varies, but most companies offer a discount to annual subscribers.

4. Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are really convenient and often huge time savers; you can literally find a subscription box for anyone these days. Here are some ideas for the busy entrepreneur in your life:

  • Wine or beer
  • Coffee or tea
  • Books
  • Meals and dinner kits
  • Grooming supplies for men and women
  • Clothing and accessories for men and women

Boxes cost as low as $20 per month and some companies offer a discount for annual subscriptions.

5. Digital Notebooks

Digital notebooks make writing, storing, organizing, and sharing notes easy. Notes can be stored on the cloud and accessed virtually everywhere, at any time. The notebooks cost $29.95 and up, and some of the notebooks offer limited premium subscriptions to Evernote or discounts on Adobe software.

6. Gift Certificate for Business Consulting

Gift certificates from a local business or marketing consultant or coach is a great way to show that you support your favorite entrepreneur's vision. These consultants can provide invaluable information that can really make a difference for a startup business. The cost of this option varies as different consultants will charge different rates.

7. Continuing Education

Entrepreneurs are always interested in remaining one step ahead of the competition. As such, they need to know about the current trends in their industries and they gain that knowledge from attending webinars, seminars, conferences, and subscribing to publications. Purchasing tickets for one of these events or subscribing to publications that are relevant to their industries is a wonderful way to give new and veteran entrepreneurs a boost.

8. Advertising

For new entrepreneurs who are on a limited budget, purchasing ads on Google Adsense or Facebook will help them spread the word about their products or services.

9. Gift Cards for Airfare, Hotels, or Food

If none of the ideas above will work, you can always purchase a gift card to help cover the cost of airfare, hotels, or food. While gift cards are often considered "impersonal," they are a great way to ensure that the entrepreneur in your life has a way home, a bed to sleep in, and food to eat while traveling.

If you have some other great gifts for the entrepreneur in your life please share.