Leadership is never easy. It often comes with a whole lot of stress and pressure. One thing that helps leaders deal with these demands is self-confidence.  However, self-confidence can sometimes come across to employees as ego. This can cause people to feel like you are a bully or that you look down on them. Our job as leaders is to build people up not make them feel inferior.  You can drastically improve morale and performance of even your most challenging employee with a few actions. 

1. Give responsibility. 
People in leadership positions often want to do everything themselves because they know just how they want it done. But we need to delegate various responsibilities to others. Give your employees responsibilities and then let them carry out their work without breathing down the backs of their necks. You may have to coach and explain how you want things done but eventually, it will be a massive help to you to delegate.  Additionally, this will show that you trust and value their work. 

2. Verbally express your trust. 
Words like, "I know you can do this," or "I have a lot of faith in you," can be extremely powerful. Not only will it help your employees feel valued by you, but it will also give them a desire to give their best for you. Make sure your employees hear it from you when you trust them to get something done. 

3. Don't be afraid to ask for advice. 
Sure, you may be the best at your game. 
You know what you are doing more than those around you. But asking for advice is a great way to show your employees that you value their opinions. And, honestly, they may have some great things to say. 

4. Compliment specific success. 
Work-related compliments go a long way in making your employees feel valued. Make sure that you compliment specific people for specific things, especially about the responsibilities you have given them. It is also essential that you speak genuinely, without a trace of condescension.  

5. Give credit where credit is due. 
Make sure that you acknowledge various successes in front of the whole team. You never want to say, "I accomplished this," when it was a group effort. Let people know who has worked hard, who has come up with solutions, and who have made advances. Even in small matters, give credit where credit is due and don't keep all the glory for yourself.