Sometimes your day gets out of control due to factors outside of your control, but often its your own fault when productivity suffers. There are incredibly simple ways to shift your focus and get the job done quicker and more efficiently but you have to change some habits that impact your productivity.

1. Socializing: It's hard not to talk your co-workers. After all, you spend 40 (or more) hours a week with them. But according to statistics, nearly 24% of all people say socializing at work is their biggest distraction. While 14% say that talking to co-workers is their biggest time waster.

2. Social Networking: Similar to socializing with co-workers, instant messaging is a huge time waster for those seeking to maximize their productivity. What begins as an innocent chat, ends a half-hour later with regret.

3. Surfing the Net: Surfing the net for non-work related subjects is a huge time waster. According to the same source as above, 64% of people who work at a desk with a PC, visit non-work related websites during the work day, while 45% claim this is one of their biggest distraction.

4. Meetings: While statistics argue that almost 33 minutes a day are wasted just scheduling meetings, leading many to say it's one of their biggest time wasters, another huge time waster is due to meandering meetings. Because when a meeting is ran with poor time management, not only do they cause emotional pain, they waste your day.

5. Interruptions and Distractions: Reaching from the same hat, both of these time wasters can really zap valuable work time. Among these are dealing with disruptive co-workers, computer problems, technical interruptions, and having to do busy work that contribute nothing to your work day.

6. Failed Multi-tasking: Everyone loves thinking that they are the best multi-tasker, but the reality is most people lack the necessary skills to do it effectively. If you find yourself shifting between 3, 5, 7, or more tasks at any given time, but getting zero results, it's time to reevaluate your work habits.

7. Daydreaming: As much as we hate quelling our desire to escape into your own head, the fact is that daydreaming is a massive time waster. While many people report that daydreaming is a time waster for them, the fact is if you are consistently experiencing issues related to daydreaming at work related to boredom, you likely have a problem with your job in general.

You're not reading this at work are you? What do you think your biggest time waster is? Is it something you could prevent on your own?

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