I was in a hotel gym the other day riding a stationary bike to get a little exercise. I needed the workout after a long flight. But it made me think, what if I had to ride this bike every day? I would lose interest. I would probably stop exercising. This kind of experience takes all the joy out of a real ride into the countryside. Sure, it's comfortable to a degree but you'll never experience the thrill of taking on those hills like the cycling "beast" you are and you won't feel the wind blowing through your hair on the downward glide.

The same is true in business. It's not the folks on the stationary bikes who get the big rewards. For real success in business, you'll have to hit the proverbial open road, take off the training wheels and commit to reaching beyond your comfort zone.

What's the goal? PROGRESS. Comfort is the enemy--can you defeat it? Sure you can! Start by creating some excitement and momentum in your business. Shed those comfortable meetings and the status quo operations. Shake things up and achieve real progress!

1. Set a big goal--then issue a challenge.

You're a business guru. You know all about goal-setting--or at least you did. Revisit this good habit by setting a company goal. For example, "Our company is going to sign 20 new customers by the end of the month." Issue the challenge and break it down. Even if you miss the mark you've created momentum.

2. Take back those lost minutes

Shatter the comfort zone by taking back the time you are losing on old habits and mundane routines. Do you really need that coffee shop latte? Is killing 30 minutes at the water cooler part of your plan for success? Take a long hard look at your schedule with an eye on making some changes. Reclaim wasted time on unfruitful meetings and repetitive phone calls.

3. Spend an hour each day meeting potential new clients.

Introduce yourself via social media. Attend a community planning meeting. Look for ways to get involved in the community that your business calls home. This kind of momentum easily becomes progress.

Dare to reach for your dreams--again by stepping out of your comfort zone.

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