Did you find yourself tapping your feet and involuntarily bobbing your head this morning while searching for your next job on LinkedIn? This morning rebranding expert David Brier and author Ahmad Imam released a music video on LinkedIn. That's right, a music video that is blowing up on LinkedIn.

I will admit that I was asked to be in the video several weeks ago. I thought it was a fun idea, but I didn't think about how it illustrates the power of the network until talking to others about it today. Lacey Abbacchi, a LinkedIn coach and personal branding strategist, said," I think what this video tells us is that LinkedIn is so much more than an "online resume," it's truly a community. It's a place where people from all over the world, from all different backgrounds, can come together and learn from one another and build meaningful relationships."

Kim Peterson Stone, an expert LinkedIn strategist, made another point, "this project is a great testimony to the importance of creating connection throughout the global business community. As a rule, people do business with people that they know, like, and trust. Many of us, who originally met through LinkedIn, have gone on to meet in person, create and fill events, help one another build businesses."

I spoke with Ahmad Imam and David Brier today about why they decided to take on this project and what they wanted to accomplish. According to Brier they, "wanted to take content creation on LinkedIn to the next level by posting a video so disruptive that it breaks down the walls and misconceptions of what LinkedIn content 'should be.' Imam "wanted to show that creativity and self-expression is not only welcome but will revolutionize the platform - and we see the shift happening as we speak." He continued, "I wanted to give others on LinkedIn the confidence and encouragement to remove their professional 'mask' and unapologetically be themselves." Brier said, "I wanted to bring the LinkedIn community together with the biggest collaboration the platform has ever seen."

A few interesting facts about who's involved and what it took to put this project together:

  • Seventy LinkedIn influencers participated, including Daymond John, Claude Silver, Lacey Abbacchi, Kim Peterson Stone, Shay Rowbottom, Michael David Chapman, Brett S.Brody, Joshua Miller, Sally Illingworth, Sohaib Hasan, and yours truly (this is my music video premiere)
  • The collective number of followers is 3.6 million between all the participants
  • Linked Influencers from eight countries and six continents participated
  • Specific personalities were included in the lyrics: Gary Vee, Grant Cardone, and Jeff Weiner
  • Ahmad Imam and David Brier wrote the words and the beat. 
  • Over 50 hours of editing to pull it all together

I think the video shows that LinkedIn has evolved from a 'boring' job seeker platform to a large community of content creators posting educational, uplifting, and entertaining content. It certainly has shown that you can break through all the noise if you are creative with your content. Kim Peterson Stone added, "LinkedIn allows us to help one another with individual projects, we do. Community, open communication, and helping one another succeed is what it's all about."

With a big smile on his face, Brier said, "the original lyrics are infectious, contagious and audacious and side effects include involuntary head bobbing, a new jig in your walk, and a newfound swagger in your step." I might have to agree with him the tune does get stuck in your head. Brier claims the only way to get the song out of your head is to share it with your network. I'm crossing my fingers that works.