Are you waiting for something? Maybe you're waiting for the perfect job to present itself, for your boss to realize you deserve a promotion, for the ideal guy or girl to fulfill your romantic dreams, or for everything to just fall into place. If you sit still, waiting for your life to change, nothing will happen. That's because your life depends on you, and what you do. You happen to life, and each step you take leads you further and deeper into who you will become. The new experiences that we expose ourselves to change us, like adding sweetener to tea, or spices to a stew. We are affected and transformed by the things that surround us and touch us.

When you try something new, you learn more about yourself--what you are capable of, what your limits are, what you enjoy, and what mistakes you would rather not repeat. Eat sushi, try skydiving, or strike up a conversation with someone who intimidates you. Whether the outcome is positive or negative, at least you've discovered something about yourself, and that changes how you respond to your environment and circumstances.

When you move, you learn more about the world--what is good, what is tragic, and what needs to be revised, repaired, and restored. Go on a road trip, take a walk, or find a new park bench where you can sit and observe. Get a new perspective on the world, so the mundane and familiar becomes extraordinary again. You will notice things, see a different side of people, and become aware of how the world is so much bigger than you and your bubble.

When you invest, you learn more about your place in the world. Whether it is a person, a product, a program, an event, or a cause, find something that is worth loving, and pour your all into it. You may feel tentative and cautious, especially if things have burned or broken you in the past, but some things cannot be faced halfheartedly. Take risks, dive in, dig deep, and choose to care about someone or something, and no matter what happens in the end, that growing passion changes you and changes the world.

Don't wait for life, because life is waiting for you! Play an active role in changing your life and your world. Never stop growing, moving, learning, and investing. We don't have lots of time so make the most of it.