It's a hectic and fast paced world. With so much juggling of our time and energy on a daily basis, many find themselves reaching for another cup of coffee, or an energy drink to amp up their mental clarity.

If you're like me I find it's becoming more difficult to stay alert, and focused. Focused. If you find yourself having trouble concentrating, try some of these suggestions instead of reaching for that energy drink.

1. Cut out the noise

Many people find background noise distracting. Turning off the television and the radio can be an effective way to stay focused on the task at hand. If your brain is cluttered with outside distractions, the chance of zoning out becomes that much greater. If you can't turn off the noise put headphones and put on music that calms you and lets you focus.

2. Create a great workspace

Organizing your space can deter chaos. You can also invest in some proper lighting and decor that you find appealing. Being comfortable while doing your job should be something that you do for yourself, because you are worth it.

3. Limit multi-tasking

Cut down on the multi-tasking as much as you possibly can. Try to do one thing at a time. A great way to practice this is by carrying less groceries bags per trip.

4. Take a walk

Exercising, even just taking short five-minute walking breaks, can help ease a restless mind. Regular breaks like this are a wonderful way to brush the cobwebs out of your head.

5.Turn off your devices

Try turning your cell phone off when you are deep at work on something that requires your entire concentration. Experiencing phantom phone ringing can cause you to become jumpy and nervous. This causes you less stress and helps you to keep a calmer state of mind.

Hopefully by using some of these tips, instead of relying on insubstantial energy sources, will help you stay clear-headed throughout your busy day.

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