Being Likable Should Be at the Top of Your Career Self-Improvement Goals

We'd like to think that our success at work depends on the results we achieve, our education, our natural abilities and the hours we put in. However, a lot of your ability to climb the ladder in a corporate environment will have more to do with how likable you are. This is just as true when you are an entrepreneur that leads people every day. You may be the boss by default, but the results you get from your employees will vary based on how well you lead them. We often think of how leaders need to earn the respect of the people they are leading, but learning to be likable is just as important and helps you earn that respect.

People that are easy to like are more likely to be promoted and tend to make better managers. However, being likable is something you can work on, and it may be a good goal for personal self-improvement. Being likable is one of the many qualities that make leaders exceptional. Little things make a big difference when it comes to being likable.

In their recent article, "14 Habits of Exceptionally Likable People" Digital Synopsis offered the following suggestions of habits to adopt if you want to win over people at work,

  1. "Develop a positive mental attitude."
  2. "Speak in a carefully, disciplined, friendly tone."
  3. "Pay close attention to someone speaking to you."
  4. "Be patient."
  5. "Keep an open mind."
  6. "Smile when speaking with others."
  7. "Don't Procrastinate."
  8. "Engage in at least one good deed a day."
  9. "Praise others in a genuine way."

Other recommendations from the article included keeping thoughts to yourself frequently, especially if they are negative or unnecessary. Another helpful suggestion is to focus on finding a person that you really like and can trust who would be willing to let you know if you have any habits that could grate on people, or other weaknesses that you can work on improving. Sometimes a person with an outside perspective will pick up grating habits before you do.

This list might seem intimidating at first, but take on the challenge one idea at a time. Each week pick a new goal and work at building that new healthy habit, giving yourself reminders throughout the day. You can start with the habits that seem like they would come more naturally to you and work up to ones that are more challenging. Before you know it you will have built up an arsenal of likable traits that can quickly lead to career success.

I have to go work on keeping my thoughts to myself and being patient.

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