Ever wondered how much time you spend on social media or online. Do you still keep a milage log in your car?  Ever thought it would be nice to text a whole group at the same time? Ever wanted to sync calendars with multiple people but that use different platforms? These are 11 apps that will help you be more productive and more successful in the new year. 

1) Have you ever wondered how much time you are spending each day reading emails or on Social Media? RescueTime will record how you are spending your time, by tracking time spent on websites, and in applications, and give you a detailed report of how much time you are spending on each activity.

 2) Microsoft office 365- will give you access to all of your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations on your One Drive. You can easily update correspondence or an expense report directly from your phone.

 3) Cross-platform calendar sharing can be difficult with family, employees, and clients who may not use the same platform. EnterCal, a free app for Android, and IOS. At last, everyone will have their calendars in sync!

4) Send group texts at seamlessly with GroupMe. This free app will works on all platforms: IOS, BlackBerry, Android and even non-smartphones. It is wonderful for confirming meetings. Contractors, caterers, and sales managers will love the ability to send out project updates to the entire team at once. 

5) My Fitness Pal will you help stay within your calorie limits, even when eating out. My Fitness Pal has a massive database of restaurant, fast food, and grocery store items and customizable serving sizes that will help you count calories. A water tracker will keep you hydrated, and a physical activity and exercise planner will keep your fitness goals on track.

6) Plan your meals and grocery store visits with Shopping List Ease. This free multiplatform app (Android, IOS) will store your grocery list, find delicious recipes that are fast and healthy, and keep track of what is already in your pantry, so no more over buying ketchup!

7) You will never want to travel again without TripIt. Easily keep track of your travel confirmations and itineraries. TripIt organizes airline, train and cruise tickets, hotel bookings, rental car reservations, and puts them all at your fingertips. Notifications will let your taxi or Uber driver know you have arrived so they can be waiting for you, instead of you waiting for them. 

8) QuickBooks for IOS and Android. Access all your finances: pay bills, send customer invoices, and issue receipts directly from your mobile device. 

9) Accept credit payments at the time of service with Square. Square offers a free card reader (For Android or iPhone). Turn your iPad into a wireless register with Square Stand. Square works seamlessly with QuickBooks, and automatically record transactions into your QuickBooks ledger, saving your time.

10) Oracle NetSuite. If you are a current user, then you already know the benefits of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to manage your business. If you are new to ERP: you will enjoy complete control of your business while you are on the road. You will be able to manage customer relationships, finances, human resources and inventory with an easy to use interface.

11) MileIQ catches your drives automatically. This app saves me money and time. All I can say get it today. 

Good luck getting your business, and your life organized for 2018!

Published on: Dec 8, 2017
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