It's never too late to  invest in your career. Fortunately, we live in a time where we all have access to an elite education at our fingertips, not to mention completely free of charge. All you have to do is create a free account at Coursera, and you'll be ready to take your career into your own hands and become the seasoned professional you're capable of being.

1. Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills

In this course, you'll learn when to negotiate, effective tactics, how to create a contract, and much more.

2. Introduction to Public Speaking

Every professional will have to speak in public at some point, so if doing so causes some anxiety, here's your chance to master this essential skill. This course will teach you how to design and deliver several different kinds of speeches.

3. Leading Teams

This one will help you learn how to more effectively build and manage a team.

4. Fundamentals of Management

Regardless of your role in your company, everyone could benefit from understanding management principles from an in-depth conceptual perspective. 

5. Creative Problem Solving

This course will help you see things from a new perspective, breaking you out of your normal problem-solving patterns and into new and innovative approaches.

6. Inspiring and Motivating Individuals 

This course from the University of Michigan teaches the essential skill of knowing how to motivate people in the workplace.

7. Strategic Career Self-Management 

Here you will learn to think more critically and strategically about your career path.

8. Time Management for Personal and Professional Productivity 

If you struggle with managing your time, this course will help you work smarter and be more efficient.

9. Communication in the 21st-Century Workplace

Good communication is essential more than ever in our constantly connected world. This course will help you with this invaluable skill.

10. Interview Research and Preparation

Interviewing is a part of life as a professional. Make sure you're prepared when the time comes by taking this course.

11. High-Impact Business Writing

One of your most useful tools as a professional is being able to communicate your ideas effectively, both orally and on paper. Improve your writing skills with this course. 

12. Finance for Non-Finance Professionals

The bottom line of all businesses is money. Being able to speak intelligently about financial details will help get your ideas heard.

13. Leadership Through Social Influence

Effective leaders know the carrot is more effective than the stick. Learn how to use persuasion to influence your employees with this course from Northwestern University.

14. Initiating and Planning Projects

The project manager's ability to stay on top of his team and the project is a key factor in whether or not the project succeeds. This course will teach you the essential steps of good project planning. 

15. A Crash Course in Data Science

As businesses become more data-driven, it's vital that everyone has a basic understanding of how modern businesses use data science to make decisions.

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