Everything begins as an idea. Thought is the foundation of reality. In order to become successful, you must first think successfully. This may sound easy, but many people struggle with knowing exactly how to harness their thoughts. Below are the fundamentals of successful thinking.

1. Clarity

You must know precisely what you are trying to achieve and why it is important to you. Most people are familiar with goal setting. This is a crucial part of gaining clarity. However, some individuals overlook the significance of understanding their motive. You need to determine why your goals matter. This not only increases motivation, it brings you back to a focused position when you feel lost or confused. Knowing your "what" and "why" helps keep your thoughts on track.

2. Self-Talk

We are our own worst critics. We bombard ourselves with negative self-talk. This is a destructive pattern and will keep you from attaining your goals. You must crush negative thoughts and replace them with positive self-talk. You can do this in a number of ways. First, simply observe your thoughts. Notice when you are saying negative things to yourself. This takes some concentration but in time will become a habit. Once you can recognize these thought patterns, you can begin to replace them.

3. Belief

You need to believe that your goals are attainable. Self-doubt is the No. 1 killer of dreams. Some people use visualization as a method to strengthen their belief. They create a mental picture, seeing themselves succeed. Athletes have used this method for years with great results. It is also useful to have people in your life who support you and believe in you. Share your dreams with these individuals. You should also keep your goals to yourself when you are in the presence of negative people. Anyone who is likely to doubt your ability to succeed should be kept in the dark.

In order to be successful, you must begin by gaining control of your thought process. Success begins in your mind. Use the information above to harness your thoughts and move your life in the direction of your choosing.

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