So, this week I posted happy pictures from Paris as my family tours Europe for Christmas. Life is good, right? For me it was a nice way to share the memories with friends and family. That made me think that the wonderful thing about social media is that we can see what other people are doing. We can see their accomplishments in their work, their hobbies, their lifestyle, and their relationships. The downside is, we can't help but compare our lives to their lives, including their accomplishments to our failures--and that is the horrible thing about social media.

It is important to maintain a distance from the failures you have in life, because if you let them be a part of you, you will consider yourself a failure. For this reason, you must remember that you will fail, but don't ever consider yourself a failure.

When you let your failures become a part of you, and consider yourself the failure, it will hurt the way you approach other challenges in your life. Even worse, it can snowball into a self-esteem issue, and you will begin thinking you're going to fail before even attempting another task, because you have become the failure. You and the failure are one, inseparable, and everything you touch will never work or be successful. This isn't true, of course, because failures are failed tasks, not human beings.

If you let the failure go and treat it as an observation that should be learned from, you treat yourself better and perform better the second time, if the task is attempted a second time.

Not all tasks need to be attempted a second time. Sometimes it is better to leave something and consider it finished, whether fully accomplished or not. The next time you try to do something similar to the failed task, you can recall the failure you had and better your current attempt, which will set you up for a greater chance at success.

Remember that all people have failures--even the wealthy, incredibly successful friend on Facebook who seems to have an extra three hours in his day. You don't see him as a failure, so don't see yourself as one either.

Finally, always remember although you might see the happy pictures from Paris on a fabulous Christmas vacation, it's what I wanted you to see. People post the positive and good things, right? (Most, anyway.) Why would I post the bad for all the world to see?

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