While an entrepreneur's workday never really ends, it's important to maintain some work/life balance and create structure. Downtime is necessary to recharge your batteries, reset priorities, and renewed focus. Here are some things you can do at the end of the workday to make the most of your downtime and ensure productivity the following day:

1. Check in with your team.
Take 5 minutes to check in with your principal team members. If they are pushing hard against a deadline or have come up against an unexpected crisis, make sure they know that you are aligned and support them.

2. Identify "first thing" priorities.
Chances are, there are a few things you need to do right away in the morning. Take 5 minutes to note them for yourself, so that you can take care of them quickly the following day before anything else comes up.

3. Check the calendar.
Make sure to check the schedule for meeting and calls that you have the next day. Do you have to put on a tie or do you need to read that proposal before a call? There is nothing worse than having to run home to change because you forgot that meeting you have or that networking event you have after work.

4. Tidy your workspace.
It may seem like a small thing, but a cluttered desk may create the appearance of being disorganized and overwhelmed. Having an organized workspace frees your mind and saves time in the long run. Furthermore, according to the Harvard Business Review, a clean desk significantly increases persistence with frustrating tasks, along with numerous other benefits.

Spending the final 15 minutes of every work day making sure that your team is running well, you know your priorities for the morning, and you've organized your space, ensures that you'll be able to leave work at work and get the most relaxation in your downtime. You are also setting yourself up for maximum productivity and efficiency the following morning, with no time lost getting yourself back up to speed. When every minute counts, this is the best way to spend your final 15.