Knowing the the best ways to be in control of your time is a great way to feel productive about your day. Often we feel unproductive  when we don't accomplish absolutely everything on our to-do list at the end of the day. Sometimes two more tasks get tacked on to our to-do list with every task we check off. So how do you get control of your time and be and feel more productive. If you follow the these two tips it will you soon be in control of your time. 

1. Make a List

Whether you're a list maker or not, the very best way to manage your time is to make a list. Your master to do list is great to keep track of everything that needs to get done. However, the lists that need to be made are daily lists. These lists contain a reasonable amount of tasks to complete. They also include family time, outings and meetings. The best way to make these daily lists is to sit down Sunday night and plan out your week. When you plan out the week it is best to make a list for each day of the week. That way, you can distribute heavier tasks evenly throughout the week. 

2. It's all about routine

We are all creatures of habit. No we aren't robots but there is something about knowing what to expect and following a routine that calms our anxiety and stress. Create a loose daily schedule that you would like to follow. Take it for a test run and then tweak it. Continue testing your new routine until it is perfect. For example, get ready for your day by a set time (ie. 7am). Before this time, your goal is to be dressed, fed, coffee stimulated and ready to tackle the tasks of the day. Set these wide framed goals and shrink the time gaps as you continue to perfect your routine. 

Goals are what drive us. Without them,we feel that we have no purpose. Set goals for yourself to be successful but the first goal is to learn how to ma time management.