No matter who you are sometimes, we find ourselves in a slump or not where we want to be in our lives. For us to change our mindset, we often have to make changes to our habits and the behaviors that are causing us the problem. These 12 new habits will improve your health, your motivation, your confidence, your relationships with other people and will help you get back to being you.

1. Remember names

In Dale Carnegie's "How to Win Friends and Influence People" Carnegie noted that remembering a person's name has enormous influence on the way they treat you, and what they'll do for you.

Practice repeating their name after an introduction to lock it into your memory. "Hi Jamie, I'm Rhett."

2. Read voraciously

Many of the most successful people of the modern era are avid readers, and even attribute their success to a voracious reading habit. The most successful people read 50 books a year, or more.

Learn to speed read, or start listening to audio books when you clean house or during your commute. You can train your ear to hear the books at 2X and even 3X the speed they're originally read in to help knock out a book a week.

3. Say no

If you're asked to take on a project, event, donation or outing that doesn't match up with your priorities, say no. You don't need a reason; a no will simply do.

"Sorry Jamie, I can't attend your nephew's birthday party."

4. Make your bed

The state of the bed is the state of your head. Making your bed every morning can remove the clutter in your brain and provides a sense of accomplishment.

Watch a YouTube video on how to make hospital corners to give your bed an extra professional touch.

5. Know when to disconnect

When you're with friends, family or coworkers, put your phone away. There is nothing ruder than agreeing to spend time with another human being only to focus on a device instead.

Leave it in your car, your pocket, or your purse.

6. Drink water

Water provides energy, clarity, and can act as a quick pick me up, on top of having enormous health benefits.

Keep a stash of water bottles on your desk, or carry a water bottle around with you. You should always have water within arms reach to maintain proper hydration.

7. Get up early

You may think you aren't a morning person, but once you've had a few great mornings, you'll never want to go back. You'll be shocked at how much you can get done by the time it takes other people to wake up.

Set your alarm across the room or even in the hall, so you have to stand up and walk to turn it off. No matter what, do not go back to bed, and do not lie down. Your body will wake up after a bit of movement.

8. Listen when others talk

When you friend tells you about his nephew's party, you might want to rip your ears off. But taking the time to listen to what others have to say forms great relationships and makes people like you more.

Pay attention to what's being said. Don't think about how you're going to respond. People trust you and find you more interesting just by being a good listener.

9. Nail down your motivator

Figure out exactly what triggers your motivated moods. Is it a song? Is it a task? Is it a spontaneous round of push-ups or a jog? Once you have your motivation trigger, it'll be easier to get out of slumps.

Keep a journal of the time, music, environment and events that preceded your motivated mood.

10. Make some me-time

You are your most valuable asset, so it's important to take care of you.

Whatever helps you relax and value yourself, take some time out of your day to shamelessly make you a priority.

11. Make decisions after you've had time to think

If you're being pressed for a decision, it's always better to take some time to think.

Simply say, "I'll have to think about that. I'll have my answer in two days."

12. Start your day with a compliment

Look at your reflection in the mirror and give yourself a compliment. This boosts your mood and can improve your concept of your self-worth.

"Hi Rhett, your workouts must be paying off because you look great this morning." "Hi Rhett, your suit is on point today." "Great smile Rhett."

These little habits can improve your health, your focus, your motivation, and your relationship with everyone around you. You are important, and these 12 habits will dramatically improve your life.

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