As an entrepreneur failure is inevitable and that's why I enjoy listening to other leaders who have overcome failure and how they did it. Recently I have found three TED talks that I enjoyed immensely, and thought other should give a listen.

1. Leonard Kim
Leonard Kim is a brand strategist and keynote speaker, a regular contributor to and, and lead digital strategist for USC's Medical Enterprise. He is one of the top youth marketers in the country, featured in Fortune and the Huffington Post, and was recently profiled by Forbes. But just a few years ago, he was broke, unemployed, and living on a friend's couch. How did he make such a tremendous transformation in such a short time? He says he owes it all to fear.

2. Lori Harder
Lori Harder, fitness expert, author, and lifestyle coach sees the struggles, failures, and rejections in life as the source of emotional resistance necessary to become stronger. She correlates these challenges to physical resistance training, believing that the spirit, just like the body, can get stronger after failure.

3. Susan Robinson
And Susan Robinson, legally blind from a genetic visual impairment, is a business speaker, blogger, and entrepreneur. She rejects the term "disabled," refusing to be defined by a lack, however well-meaning the intent. She shows how it's important to be "supremely skilled at getting it wrong," being as confident in your failures as you are in your abilities, and encourages everyone to seek audacious goals.

These TED talks give excellent examples of how important it is to take big risks, fail hard, and come back stronger. The act of failure is educational; through it, we learn more about ourselves, our abilities and passions, and cultivate empathy for others. Seek out the inspiration you need to learn all the lessons failure has to teach, gaining resistance and overcoming obstacles.