Your company is not just in your office. It's wherever you travel. And it's likely you travel often and everywhere to firm up relationships and expand your business.

Hitting the road means disconnecting from the ins and outs of your office, where your staff needs you to sign off on projects or to handle a crisis. That can be difficult if you are on the move in different time zones and have critical appointments to keep. Yet there are a few simple ways you can stay connected with the home base while not getting distracted from the task at hand.

Stick to a schedule. Establish where you'll be each day, even by the hour, so your staff knows when you are available.

Delegate before you leave. Give your staff members clear instructions of what you expect of them when you're away.

Bundle meetings. Cancel or postpone as many as possible, and group the others back-to-back so you can complete them in a single sitting. This lets you find a quiet, comfortable location to be on the calls, with necessary broadband, only once instead of several times.

Leave your best surrogate in charge. Choose someone you trust to act in your place, so progress doesn't have to stop until you return.