Every day we face conflicts and contradictions. Sometimes we call them problems or roadblocks. Even here, in this article, I am supposed to be writing about Business, but I am more compelled to write about the bigger (non-business) issues of the day, all that weigh heavily on us getting stuff done.

  • Saudi's vs. Russians: While Saudi social policies are a nightmare; the Russians seem more of an immediate threat. Go Saudi's.
  • Prosperity vs. Green. I vote for making money in Green.
  • Interfere in Middle East politics vs. Let it go down. We live in one giant swimming pool. Bad water at the other end will hurt us. We can't ignore it.
  • Free market vs. Wealth distribution. I am afraid if we mess too much with the Free Market, it then becomes who controls it and for whose benefit?
  • Work so we have money for our retirement vs. Be with our families and enjoy them now. We need to do both.
  • Human caused climate-change vs. Earth's own cycles over time. While we need to improve our shepherding of the Earth, if we disappeared, the Earth would revert back to where it was in a million years. I think it is mankind we need to worry about.
  • Democracy vs. People making bad choices. Democracy is not perfect and not good for every society. The problem is what system works better?
  • Free health care vs. We can't afford to pay for it. Do we go broke trying to be nice guys?
  • Risking lives in wartime vs. Letting the world go to pot. There are some bad people in the world. If we ignore them, they will kill us.
  • Prius battery vs. Long term energy evolution. They say the Prius battery is gigantically toxic. But it helps us figure out how to advance technology, right?
  • Enjoy every day vs. Live careful, healthy lives. This one is a draw.
  • Medicines to help us vs. Side effects like fatigue, indigestion, liver problems. I say take your medicine for big health problems. If it saves your life, but gives you gas, oh well.
  • Speak your mind vs. Let others be. Let's have free speech, but not be insulting.
  • Help other people survive vs. Make it too tempting to live off the dole. If we make it too easy to live for free, the lazy 50% will take it. Don't make it too easy.

Conflicts, yes! Even right now, it is the middle of the night. I should be SLEEPING, but instead I am trying to resolve world issues. Zzzzzz.