Caution! Apply sparingly. Use this lingo at your own risk.


In this new year of 2016, you need to have your lingo ready for all kinds of meetings. Read on to prepare yourself. In many cases, I couldn't resist adding a [helpful comment].

This first group of expressions should be useful in many entrepreneurial situations

Fake it, before you Make it

Stop confusing Reality with the Facts

Version 1 is better than Version None

You can't Steal 1st base!

FOMO (fear of missing out)

Don't believe everything you think

Unknown unknowns

Big bad things happen more

I wrote you a 4-page letter, cause I didn't have time to write you a 1-page letter [who wrote that?]

MVP. 'Minimal viable product' [Clich but yet the only way to go]

As they say in engineering: "Speed, quality, price. Pick any two."

Watch how all good ideas progress from new to tried and true: Impossible > Impractical > Possible > Expected > Required

Unobtainium: An all-precious resource required to get the job done

This second group are expressions I think I created:

Mea Culprit [I am the culprit]

Persona Au Gratin [A person with cheese]

Wantrapreneur [Someone who wants to be a successful entrepreneur]

Entreprenaire [The successful entrepreneur]

Entreprenosis [Common maladies of today's tech entrepreneur, for instance: Messiah of the Month Club, Founder's Disease, Borderline Personality and Gimme, Gimme, F___ You.]

This third group are also helpful for your business travels

We sell ______________ to _______________ who want ______________. Unlike ________________, we ____________________ for ______________. [Credit: Dave Bittner, Phoenix AZ]

You can't sell your own deal [Rule in M&A circles]

Likelihood is more important than magnitude [In doing deals, most important is that the deal closes, so don't screw it up trying to get a few points more]

Find the point of NO-resistance (who will pay?)

Create a hypothetical offer (what if you could?....)

It's not about finding investors, it's about creating a company which is worthy of investment

"How are you uniquely solving a problem?"

"I try to leave out the parts of the story that readers skip" [Elmore Leonard?]

"Idea vs. opportunity": is what really defines entrepreneurship. The difference between opportunity and an idea is execution and action; you merely think of ideas, but you take action for opportunities.


Good luck and keep me posted!