Probably the biggest excuse for declining anything is "I'm too busy". 

But this is a lie. 

No one is 'too busy' for anything.

And not because 'there's 24 hours in a day', or 'get up earlier', so that you can fit more in, but because everything you do is actually a choice, even if you think it isn't. 

It's an easy, convenient lie. 

Easy to say to yourself to let yourself off the hook. Easy to say to yourself to stay comfortable. Easy to say to others to get them off your back. 

Maybe someone has tried to pitch you something, and you've said "I'm too busy". Maybe you had a date who you told you were just "too busy for a relationship right now".

But let me ask you this, if I had a briefcase full of cash and just needed the postcode to come and deliver it to you, with a backed guarantee from the Queen of England, would you be 'too busy' to answer the phone or to book a time for me to deliver it for you?

If Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie wanted to take you out on a date, would you be 'too busy' to fit them in your schedule? And you could bring your husband or wife along too haha. 

No, you are not 'too busy'IF it's important enough to you. 

If it's important enough, you will find way. If it's not, you will find an excuse. 

No one is 'too busy'. Not you, or anyone you're trying to buy or borrow some time from.

So, there's three angles to come at this from:

  1.  When you tell someone else you're 'too busy'
  2.   When people tell you they're 'too busy'
  3. When you tell yourself you're 'too busy'

  1.  When you tell someone else you're 'too busy:' Instead of saying "I'm too busy", say "it's not a priority for me right now". Be honest. Try it.

Why? Because truth is better than a lie, no matter how white the lie is. Truth will get you more respect, even if it's not received well. Truth will radiate from one thing to another. Like instead of making an excuse for being late, simply say, "sorry, I didn't set off early enough". Truth has power. 

2. When people tell you they're 'too busy.' They're lying. They're not too busy, they just don't want you, or your offer, yet. You or your proposition isn't strong enough. It isn't important enough to them. Take this reality, this cold hard truth, and work with it. Ask yourself, 'how can I be better'? 'How can I make my proposition important to them'?

And try again. 

Once you make it more important to them, they will; make time for you. 

3. When you tell yourself you're 'too busy.' Catch yourself out with this little lie. No. You are never too busy to do the right thing. You are never busy to do the highest priority task. Never be too busy being too busy, that you dismiss the meaningful for the menial. That you dismiss the right-but-hard task from the easy-but-current task. 

Never be too busy to stop being too busy to actually check that you are not doing the wrong things well.  

Anyway, I'm too busy to write more so off I go, and don't message me because I'm too busy. 

If you don't risk anything you risk everything