I'm LinkedIn's biggest fan. I spent more time on LinkedIn than any other platform. Yes, even more than Facebook. Every job I've ever had was because of LinkedIn.

So, when I saw that Facebook is rolling out a job search and application feature to the UK, Brazil, France, Spain and Italy I had to do a double take.

Who in their right mind would ever apply for a job with their Facebook profile?

I already spent an inordinate amount time making sure potential employers can't see my Facebook, so why would I under any situation alert the employer to my Facebook profile? Aren't users worried about this, too?

We've already heard of stories of companies firing employees from content on their Facebook profile, and even going as far as asking for their credentials so they can evaluate everything on their Facebook.

But, even with those two big concerns, I think this is a genius move by Facebook. Here's why.

There are plenty of folks who aren't on LinkedIn.

The way I see it, Facebook is going after the blue-collar worker and small business workers who want to hire lower-skilled workers that would never have a profile on Linkedin.

Now, via Facebook Jobs, you can apply using a FB autofill feature, and then talk to the hiring managers directly on messenger.

If you have a small business, this is music to your ears, because now you can create a job post via Facebook, and get applications immediately. Considering you're hiring people who don't have amazing LinkedIn profiles or deep professional experience, this gives you direct access to the people who are most likely to work for your company anyway.

I personally won't be using the jobs platform -- not immediately, anyway -- but I do know a couple people who have used the platform and found success with it. Of course, both of them spent significant time adjusting their Facebook profiles to be a little bit more "professional" before applying. It's the sacrifice you have to make if you want to look good when applying for a job.

If you're blue-collar worker and are afraid to create a LinkedIn profile because of your experience, this is the perfect solution for you. No need to create a resume that you didn't like to create anyway, and it allows you to easily apply to jobs.

This is a win-win for everyone, even with my concerns.

Facebook closes a huge gap and probably a gap that LinkedIn was well aware of, but maybe purposely avoided. 

I love you, LinkedIn -- but Facebook is definitely on to something here.