Video Transcript

00:09 Robbie Vitrano: Some people are blessed with endless supplies of money but most aren't. And businesses need to have a validity in the marketplace and you need to decide how that validity is established. So, in today's modern marketplace, it's pretty clear, right, it's not just profitability, what sustains businesses are their behavior.

00:26 Vitrano: Bring purpose and profit together at the core of it. People ask that question all the time, make money first and then do good. The ability to put those two things together exists and, I would dare say, that putting them together and understanding how they fit together is a requirement. We've had a massive impact. The Idea Village here has had some astounding success with number of assessments, number of entrepreneurs that have come through. Twenty-six million in private capital has been brought in as a result of the vetting and the quality of businesses coming through, thousands of hours of engagement by professionals in the community. What's important about that is not just the charity, it's the amount of involvement from good, smart people, and giving them something to do to contribute their expertise and their knowledge. And that's made our community a lot better. And it's created greater capacity and resilience here. And that's gonna pay forward for many, many years for us.