Video Transcript

00:09 Robert Kaplan: Leadership, particularly for you, is not about having all the answers. Many people think leadership is about "I need to have the answer." We had a President of the United States who said, "I'm the decider." Remember that? "I'm gonna have the answers." The fact of the matter is leadership is sometimes about having the answers. But more importantly, what makes the difference between good leaders and great leaders is being willing to ask a question.

00:42 Kaplan: When I say you need to ask questions, asking this once three years ago, not gonna cut it. You've got to ask this question regularly. What's our vision? Is this still how we add value and is this still the distinctive competence or competencies that are critical for us to have? And number two, what are the three to five top priorities we must do well, and I'll explain this more, if we're going to deliver that value and build that distinctive competence? If you haven't clearly decided upfront what the vision is and what the priorities are, how the hell are you supposed to know, how you're going to make all these decisions in aligning your organization?