You may have heard about them. Maybe you know one, or maybe you are one. They're these seemingly mythical people who are living the life of their dreams. When I hear stories of people who have taken a big leap and successfully created a life they love, I'm immediately amazed and want to hear more. What exactly they're doing isn't typically what interests me most--it's hearing more about the bet they made on themselves.

I'm infinitely curious about how they knew what they wanted, figured out the early steps necessary to get there, and then--remarkably--actually took the leap and did it.

Justine Pattantyus is one of these people. In fact, she's not just one of them, she coaches others on how to get to the life and work of their dreams. I had the opportunity to talk with Justine recently. She shared her perspective and her mission to help others realize their dreams.

"I envision a world where people are doing the work they love and feeling fulfilled," Justine said. "Everyone has a little spark of something inside and [they] have to nurture it--even if [they] don't know what the path might look like."

Justine currently lives in Portugal. She and her partner both run businesses that can be maintained and delivered from anywhere in the world--and that's by design. Above all, they want their work to afford them the opportunity to live in different places around the world and to become truly immersed in the local culture. They're after an experience that goes beyond short-term travel.

Justine's business is very much aligned with her values. She helps creatives and thought-leaders move from doing the work they're good at to doing the work they love through one-on-one coaching. Her primary aim is to help people find alignment with their values and their work, and start taking small actions to get to their goal.

So, what's the best way to do this? Justine says that often the process of creating the life you want is less about working more and instead about getting focused on what matters most to you. Justine helps her clients through a process of "weeding the garden": getting rid of ideas that are distracting us from making progress.

Overwhelm and time crunch can impede your process. Getting real on what actually matters and clearing out anything that doesn't matter is essential. And, Justine has observed people who are incredibly busy be more successful after getting focused. One client has only three hours a week to devote to her business, and its flourishing because she knows exactly what to do with the time she has available. There's little waste.

"If a river isn't flowing, how can you remove any obstacles that are impeding the flow?" says Justine. Identifying our obstacles means asking better questions of ourselves. To identify those obstacles, you might ask yourself a few questions about your work:

  1. What would make this fun?
  2. What would make this feel light or easy?
  3. What specifically am I most curious about?

Asking these three simple questions will help you identify your natural strengths and talents. Once you know those, you can apply them and make any business process run more smoothly by focusing only on the work that you enjoy and delegating the work that you don't. Once you're only doing work you love, I'd say you're one step closer to that dream life you've been craving.