Until a year ago, I belonged to the 80 percent of Americans who don't listen to podcasts. I couldn't find time in my day to dedicate to listening. Then, last March, during a weekly lunch meeting with fellow business designers, we got into a discussion about NPR's Planet Money. One thing led to another, and we decided to spend our next lunch listening to this particular episode about Hydrox, the original Oreo cookie, discussing our takeaways, then blind taste-testing the two together.

Outside of my key takeaway that the Hydrox cookie is way tastier than the Oreo, the experience also introduced me to a time of day perfectly suited for podcasts: lunchtime.

Grab some food (or cookies) and a few colleagues, step away from your laptop, and get educated in a way that fuels the rest of your workday. To get you started, I reached out to business creatives at IDEO to hear about their favorite podcasts for business inspiration, brain building, or entrepreneurship.

Here are six podcasts you and your teams can scarf down.

Episodes under 25 minutes

1. Side Hustle School

What it's about: Hosted by The $100 Startup author Chris Guillebeau, Side Hustle School is a daily 10-minutes-or-less podcast for people who want to start income-earning side projects. Each episode highlights the story of someone who started a side hustle and what his or her experience has entailed.

2. StartUp Podcast

What it's about: Gimlet's StartUp Podcast is all about what it's really like to get a business up and running. Most people polled recommended Season 1 in particular. One colleague described it as a podcast that "every entrepreneur should listen to." An entrepreneur himself, he found the podcast was a healthy motivator through the ups and downs that come with founding a company -- choosing partners, investors, equity allocations, and more.

3. Note to Self

What it's about: Note to Self is a great podcast for when you're looking for an excuse to get away from your computer. Episodes discuss questions we should all be asking as we try to preserve our humanity in the digital age. For example, is your phone watching you? Each episode is a refreshing reminder to question everything.

Episodes under 40 minutes

1. How I Built This

What it's about: For innovators and innovation enthusiasts alike, NPR's How I Built This lifts the curtain on some of the world's best-known companies and brands. Each episode is told by a founder who shares the trials, tribulations, and things learned along his or her journey.

Where to start: Drybar (34:02)

2. Revisionist History

What it's about: Each episode of Revisionist History takes a look at something from the past, be it an occurrence, a person, or an idea, and reinterprets it. Episodes may explore misunderstandings or overlooked details in an effort to give the past a second chance.

3. A16z

What it's about: Produced by venture-capital firm Andreessen Horowitz (a.k.a. a16z), this podcast features industry experts, business people, and generally inspiring thinkers from around the world who discuss trends in technology and culture, current events, and the future.

Podcasts are a great way to refuel your mind, and now you can do so while you refuel your body. Have a great lunchtime podcast in mind? Tell us below in the comments section.