Business trips may be unavoidable, but--thanks to the increasing power of connected devices--at least some of the pain associated with being separated can be avoided Here are three products that can let travelers know who's coming a-knockin'.


With its brushed aluminum styling, multiple color options, and straightforward install, the Ring connected doorbell from Ring Labs is an attractive choice for those looking to keep an eye on the roost while out. The second generation of what was crowdfunded as Doorbot includes a wide-angle HD video camera that calls back to iOS and Android devices.

Its companion app keeps users updated on who's coming in and out along with giving them the ability to grant them access. This, along with motion detection and real-time alerts, ensure travelers are always in the loop as long as its rechargeable battery is topped up.. Ring also offers lifetime purchase protection, replacing the product if it ever were to be stolen.


The Chui connected doorbell offers something unique with its baked-in facial recognition software along with standard video and real-time notification capabilities. This combination does away with the need for everyone in a user's circle to download a specific app or carry around some sort of Bluetooth dongle to gain entry. In conjunction with the ability to leave pre-recorded messages,

Chui is helpful in giving out specific information even if a user's phone is dead--useful for letting your guests know where you've hidden the spare keys. The product is also integrated with the Lockitron smart lock and Philips Hue smart lighting, with more on the way. Chui can be pre-ordered for $199.


No one can say the i-BELL is a looker by any means. What it lacks in aesthetic appeal, though, it makes up with its wide array of features. The Wi-Fi enabled doorbell alerts users on any type device to those entering and exiting their abode wherever they may be in the world. Its 1080p HD camera and an embedded microphone offer video calls to let friends and family in while keeping everyone else out.

A motion sensor rounds out the package, keeping watch on the environment and alerting users to suspicious activity while loved ones are inside. Users can record and save all of these images and video to the cloud, but that comes at a premium beyond the seven days of storage initially offered.