Walk through the gates at most U.S. airports and you will encounter an electronics hut. Typically, it brims with many varieties of headphones catering to the traveler who will do anything to avoid (or avoid the memory of) a loud and fussy baby within earshot. But another staple of the genre is the universal power supply, designed to offer electrical salvation to the forgetful or unfortunate who lose access to their laptop's native power supply.

Up until now, these universal adapters (and even many chargers that come with laptops) have generally been large bricks. Seeking to change that is Zolt. The $100 small, roughly cylindrical AC adapter ships with a an eight-pack of connectors to accommodate a range of Windows laptops and optionally MagSafe and MagSafe 2 connectors for MacBooks.

However, as the Zolt can power only a 65w laptop, it can't accommodate the 15? MacBook Pro or certain other powerful laptops. It also couldn't accommodate an entry-level ASUS laptop with a rectangular power connector although the company may offer other connector types in the future so check compatibility before purchasing.

The product's tall design helps ensure it won't get greedy when it comes to taking up space on a power strip. And despite it claiming to be the smallest laptop charger on the market today, the company has managed to squeeze three USB connectors onto the adapter, including a high-power one for the iPad, further reducing charger clutter.

Zolt will soon have more competition in the long-gestating Dart, a project of MIT grads that appears to beat Zolt in terms of pure adapter size. Dart can also power a 65w laptop and a USB device, but its USB port extends off the cable and its plug prongs don't appear to fold as the Zolt's do. Dart also promises to come in more colors than the Zolts three varieties of gray, orange and purple.

One day in the future, the USB Type-C used on the new MacBook and new Chromebook appears poised to offer the near universal ease of interchangeable charging that we now have with cell phones. For now, though, anyone looking to shave some weight or space off their laptop bag would do well to check out Zolt.