There is no one app or tool that will completely change your life. However, when it comes to improving your mindset and streamlining your business, it's all about finding a synchronicity between the tangible and intangible resources at your disposal. Change does not happen overnight.

Human behavior specialist and serial entrepreneur, Mel Robbins, recently shared with me three tools we can use to kickstart a fresh state of mind as well as develop a more refined business practice.

Beat the clock

Start by rising early. Robbins says the morning is when your mind is at its most active.

"The first two hours of your day are the best for clarity and creativity," Robbins says.

Robbins explained starting your day early is a great opportunity for more 'me' time. This time can be used for anything from going for a run, catching up on one of your favorite podcasts to stopping in to your favorite coffee spot and reading your personal emails.

"Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier than usual, use the extra time for yourself to get organized and do something for you, then watch your efficiency, control, and happiness increase," Robbins says.

You'll be amazed at how improved your mindset is with an extra 30 minutes in the day. However, getting up earlier does mean going to sleep earlier. You can't catch up on sleep so it's important to give yourself ample opportunity to recharge overnight.

Adopt technology

Streamlining the way your business operates does not have to cost an arm and a leg. Cloud technology like Google's suite of apps for work not only allows for you to work flexibly, it means synchronicity across your organization. Robbins is a huge proponent of businesses leveraging cloud technology.

"Being able to collaborate anywhere, anytime and on any device using the cloud is one of the best ways to foster creativity and improve productivity within your practice," Robbins says.

A lack of organization can be one of the biggest roadblocks to working efficiently. Robbins says, as a business owner, you do need to look ahead; but not without losing sight of what's in front of you.

"It's important to be mindful of the future, but not at the expense of the moment," Robbins says.

Utilizing organizational tools like Trello allows you to keep a virtual checklist and clear the clutter in your mind. Additionally, taking time out to reflect using mindfulness apps like Headspace will help you perform a mindset reset.

Be an advocate

Being your employees' walking, talking cheer squad is a surefire way to boost morale and productivity. Robbins says you should be your employees' number one fan.

"Be a fan. By simply cheering for colleagues, bosses, or the team you support, you will increase collaboration, engagement, retention, and productivity," Robbins says.

She goes on to say that showing someone they're valued is a great way to get more out of them.

"A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected," Robbins says.

Perhaps most importantly, don't forget to be your own advocate. Being hard on yourself is a one-way ticket to a negative mindset. You have great ideas and you shouldn't be afraid to follow them. 

"Remember, there is greatness inside you. That's why your ideas picked you," Robbins says.