We've all been there, it's late and the blip of a notification on your phone lights up the dark of your bedroom. The impulse to check it is almost impossible to subdue. Before you know it, you've got your laptop open and you're doing work when you should be asleep.

Being constantly connected can be a blessing and a curse. While working in the cloud increases productivity and enables work to be completed anywhere, anytime; setting boundaries around exactly when and where this work is actually done may define the success of entrepreneurs.

Here is how successful and happy entrepreneurs can approach after-hours work.

After-hours email "exhausting"

A new study conducted by Liuba Belkin of Lehigh University, William Becker of Virginia Tech and Samantha A. Conroy of Colorado State University, found that it wasn't the amount of time spent on work emails that was stressing employees out; in actual fact it was the anticipation of out-of-work emails that caused exhaustion.

Conroy says after-hours emails have the potential to stop professionals recharging when they go home.

"What we find is that people who feel they have to respond to emails on their off hours become emotionally exhausted, partially because they can't detach from work," said Conroy, assistant professor of Management at CSU's College of Business. "They are not able to separate from work when they go home, which is when they are supposed to be recovering their resources."

As an entrepreneur, the ownice is on yourself to set an expectation for not only you, but for your employees. As your employees are likely to follow your lead, the authors of the study urge managers to create and enforce a policy that will set the standard for availability after work hours.

They acknowledge that while completely banning email after-hours might not be an option for some, implementing a weekly email-free day or rotating schedules for employees to be on-call may work for others.

"Such policies may not only reduce employee pressure to reply to emails after hours and relieve the exhaustion from stress but will also serve as a signal of organizational caring and support," the study found.

Time with loved ones "make or break" for successful entrepreneurs

My company, Xero, recently released the Make or Break report, which found that successful entrepreneurs don't work around the clock. Six out of every ten entrepreneurs said spending time with their families in the evening was key to their effectiveness as business owners. More than half said it was important for them to keep their weekends free for time with their loved ones.

Not all respondents said they completely unplugged after 5pm, only 28 percent said they switched off their phones and laptops after business hours. Working in the cloud undoubtedly offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to work towards work-life integration.

Staying connected means more time spent doing what you love. Set these expectations for both yourself and your employees will lower stress and enable everyone to do their best work.