A sense of community, personalized, hospitable, and productive aren't words most people would use to describe their work environment, but that is exactly how workers at Roam Innovative Workplace describe their work environment.

Roam provides a fourth place--beyond the home, office, and a coffee shop--where the Atlanta-based workforce can work and hold meetings and where entrepreneurs and business owners can keep overhead low while they scale their business.

Physical workspaces done right can attract top talent, boost employee satisfaction, and enhance productivity. I recently interviewed Peyton Day, CEO of Roam, to understand how they've intentionally designed spaces that inspire creativity, innovation, and productivity for today's workforce and why their environments are magnets to the next-generation workforce.

3 Ways to Transform Work from Drudgery into a Retreat

1. Satisfy the four human states of being

Focus, collaborate, learn, and socialize are the four states of being that Roam workplaces hinge on.

Roam's common areas, conference rooms, cafe bar, and quiet booths create places for people to focus and collaborate. Roam's in-house coffee shop, weekly learning sessions catered meals, and special events create opportunities for their members to learn from one another and/or have fun socializing. 

2. Meet the needs of the evolving workforce

"Workplace needs are evolving which is why Roam exists," says Day. "The next generations want to spend more time at home with their families and be part of the community where they live. Driving back and forth from the corner office is not the dream of the next generation...they want options." 

Day continues, "The next generation is less loyal to brands and more interested in experiences." This has driven Roam to create different and non-predictable environments that spur innovation and productivity.

3. Make the workplace an experience

"What if work wasn't a drudgery but rather a retreat?" says Day when asked about what makes Roam different from other coworking companies. 

Roam transforms work into a retreat through... 

  • Beautifully designed, functional, and inviting physical work environments
  • Business class wifi
  • Seamless access to five convenient locations in Atlanta, GA
  • Staff that is others-centered

"At Roam we hire leaders who have a track record of giving in their communities...hospitality is in their DNA," says Day. Encountering such intentionality, warmth, and generosity in a place of work is what makes Roam an incredibly refreshing retreat. 

Create work environments like Roam and Mondays will never be dreaded again.

Listen to my full interview with Peyton Day here.