As we learned in the previous section, maintenance can be a significant cost driver--especially when it is not addressed properly or predictively. When done well, however, maintenance can have the reverse effect: lowering costs, positively impacting customer satisfaction, increasing vehicle uptime, and keeping businesses running smoothly.  

In the world of fleet management, "uptime" is the amount of time trucks actually spend on the road and delivering goods. The opposite of "uptime" is time spent offline for maintenance or repairs. According to Barlow, "uptime is the number-one factor making a direct impact on fleet managers' daily decisions," and Ryder has made this the cornerstone of its ChoiceLease program. Businesses that take part in the ChoiceLease program with Full Service Maintenance, for instance, enjoy an average of more than 95 percent uptime--maximizing both profitability and customer satisfaction.

Tapping Into a Preventive Maintenance Infrastructure

"As a Ryder customer, we're with you every mile, delivering safety, security, and peace of mind," says Carlo A. Rodriguez, Ryder's director of global product management. "No matter where you are, a toll-free phone call connects you with a Ryder representative to ensure you're back on the road safely and quickly." Ryder supports this anywhere, anytime maintenance with an impressive infrastructure:

  • With more than 800 service centers nationwide, a repair crew is never far away. In addition to repair and maintenance services, these centers include easy access to everything from battery-charging stations to rental vehicles and diesel particulate filter cleaner. And with 24/7 roadside assistance, your fleet is covered around the clock.
  • Ryder fuel service islands come equipped with reporting and insights into fleet performance to keep your drivers aware of potential issues. If your truck encounters a problem, you can tap into a network of more than 6,000 certified technicians, trained in multiple disciplines, with state-of-the-art diagnostics tools and repair technology.

Flexible Maintenance, On the Go

Ryder also offers several maintenance delivery options, giving you the flexibility to ensure your fleet is maintained in a manner that fits your schedule without unnecessary downtime. All of Ryder's maintenance plans offer a fully dedicated solution for your company; Ryder's technicians handle the job completely--so you don't have to. 

  • Ryder Shop Maintenance means you're never far away from assistance. With this program, your maintenance and repair needs are handled at one of Ryder's 800-plus locations across North America.
  • Mobile Maintenance comes to you, wherever you need help, with fully equipped service vehicles that are customized to your needs and your fleet's specifications. By scheduling maintenance during already-planned downtimes, you can reduce the amount of time your vehicles spend idle. Ryder's mobile maintenance team can handle all your preventive maintenance and other important tasks as well. 
  • On-Site Maintenance takes care of your fleet at your location. Bringing in certified technicians to your shop, Ryder will assemble a state-of-the-art service shop right at your base of operations, warehouse, or whatever other location works best for your business. The service includes taking a hard look at your procedures and needs, making recommendations, and even helping with staffing and training--relieving you from operating a maintenance business and hiring more personnel.

Not only will the right preventive maintenance plan help keep your repair costs down, but it will also make your maintenance spending much more predictable. Ryder's commitment to maintenance and service keeps unexpected breakdowns and equipment failures from throwing off budgets or forcing you to alter business plans--helping you keep your commitments to customers, suppliers, and employees. And a dedication to open and effective communication means customers are always up-to-date on every vehicle's status.

We hope you enjoyed this excerpt from our new guide, “Today’s Fleets: Turning Complexity into reliability and growth to meet business demands”.  To download the full guide from Ryder and Inc, click here.